Golden Ass: "We have switched to 100% recycled packaging".

Golden Ass stands for elegance and exclusivity: men's boxers with a golden edge. How does this young online retailer distinguish itself from the competition? How do they create a unique customer experience? And which e-commerce trends have they identified? We asked Tim Dielemans, director of Golden Ass, this and more.

Can you tell us something about your company?

"Golden Ass was established in December 2019. We develop men's boxers made of high quality materials, which offer ultimate comfort and have a luxurious look. We are currently a growing brand and are working on new ways to continue to grow."

What are you proud of? How do you distinguish yourself from the competition?

"We distinguish ourselves primarily through the high-quality materials used and the striking design: men's boxers with a golden edge. We also focused on comfort. For example, we looked at the irritation points that men experience with pants. An example is an itchy label. That is why Golden Ass has chosen not to incorporate physical labels in the pants, but to print them on the back of the boxers."

How do you want to grow further?

"By adding more product groups, making the packaging and shipping process more sustainable and entering into new partnerships with various parties within the e-commerce sector."

What e-commerce trends have you identified and how is Golden Ass responding?

"Corporate social responsibility is on the rise. Companies are spending more time on sustainability. At Golden Ass, for example, we are increasingly looking at how we can reduce the ecological footprint in the process. For example, we have just switched to 100% recycled packaging. Our packages fit through the letterbox. This means the packages are not unnecessarily large and we do not need to use padding materials."

What is your biggest online challenge at the moment? And how do you tackle it?

"Our biggest online challenge is to increase brand awareness. We tackle this by partnering with major players to increase our visibility. Furthermore, we have an active presence on social media to create greater engagement among consumers."

When does the holiday rush start? 

"The rush starts around Black Friday because then Golden Ass organises a Black Friday weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. After that, it kind of falls silent until the Saint shopping season starts again."

How does Golden Ass create a unique customer experience?

"Golden Ass has a recognisable packaging and we send personalised e-mails on orders and, for example, birthdays. In addition, we have an active presence on social media and personal contact with our customers is key. Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer!"

Why did you become a member of

"Since this summer, Golden Ass has been a member of We hope this will give a boost to the growth and brand awareness of our company. also contributes to greater reliability for our customers. We also want to contribute to the e-commerce industry.

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